• Cuban Salsa class with Cuban teacher

    El Punto Cubano in Amsterdam Westerpark

    Cuban salsa dance classes at Punto Cubano in Amsterdam

    Do you fancy a Cuban salsa course?

    Everyone is welcome for the salsa courses of El Punto Cubano, to discover the real Cuban Salsa. All our lessons are always offered by a Cuban teacher.

    We start new courses every September, November, February and May



    Cuban salsa dance classes at Punto Cubano in Amsterdam

    Can I dance this summer?

    Yes! We offer special summer courses!




    Wednesday 17th July until 28th August 19.30-20.30u



    Thursday 11th July 19-20u

    Monday 15th July 19-20u / 20-21u

    Tuesday 16th July 20-21u / 21-22u



    Clifford Studio @ Cliffordstraat 38, Amsterdam

    Cuban salsa dance classes at Punto Cubano in Amsterdam

    Group Lessons (2nd Sept till 11th Dec)

    Mondays @ VOLTA

    18:00-19:00 - Beginner

    19:00-20:00 - Intermediate

    20:00-21:00 - Semi-advanced


    Tuesdays @ VOLTA

    19:00-20:00 - Beginner

    20:00-21:00 - Intermediate

    21:00-22:00 - Advanced


    Thursday @ CLIFFORD STUDIO

    18:45-19:45 - Beginner


    ADDRESS VOLTA @ Houtmankade 336, Amsterdam


    ADDRESS CLIFFORD @ Cliffordstraat 38, Amsterdam

    Rueda de casino, cuban dance classes at Punto Cubano in Amsterdam

    General information group lessons


    A course of 10 lessons of 60 minutes costs €100,- (student discount 10%). Registration and payment (cash) for a course takes place in Volta, during Open Days (first lesson of the course) or the following week (second lesson). In case you want a separate try-out class during an ongoing course, you need to consult me before attending the class. The price of a separate try-out class is €12,- normal/€10,- students.



    If you are a beginner it is recommended to start at the beginning of a course. During the course, you must tell me in advance if you are (not) coming, so that I can arrange enough dance partners. In case you are not able to attend a particular lesson, due to for example illness, you can cancel your lesson a latest 24 hours in advance. In consultation with me, we can see when it is possible to catch up the missed class during the ongoing course.


    Each lesson starts with a relaxed and rhythmic warming up in which you get to know different (Afro) Cuban rhythms like Son, Rumba, Pilon, Chachacha, etc. Then you learn in pairs to apply the basic figures and rhythms in the dance. Thereby the pleasure in dancing is the most important. You do not have to bring a partner! At the beginners class, you will learn the basic steps and rhythms of the Cuban salsa. In the advanced class, you get to know more difficult rhythms, dance steps and elaborate figures on faster music. Improvisation, creativity and smoother exercise play a major role during these lessons. You also learn the 'Rueda de Casino' (dancing in a circle), where you change partners after each figure and that gives you a lot of dancing fun!

  • SalsaD'Cuba Party

    Visit the AGENDA to get the latest information on the next edition!


    DJ Edition

    is a party with DJ AngelD'Cuba. He will let you enjoy and dance on the best Cuban music: swinging Cuban Salsa, Son, Timba and more ...


    Live Band Edition
    is a Matinee with DJs and an Authentic Cuban live band. Prior to this party there is sometimes a dance workshop, mostly related to Son Cubano and other Cuban rhythms such as Danzon, Changui, Mambo and Cha-cha-cha.

  • Workshops & company outings & private lessons

    Looking for a unique and energetic activity for your family or company? Call us!


    Want to have a nice activity with you friends, family or colleagues?


    That is possible with El Punto Cubano! We are available for dance workshops at private parties or company outings.


    For bookings, please contact:


    Private lessons

    It is possible to take private lessons at Punto Cubano. The availability is particularly high during the day.


    For private lessons you have to arrange a location and the price is €30 per hour per person.


    For more information, contact:


  • Agenda 2019

    Come to our Cuban salsa party's and our salsa classes!

    Salsa D'Cuba Party Amsterdam every 2nd Saturday of the month at Volta

    New courses every September, November, February and May.

    salsa amsterdam summer course rueda de casino son

    Cuban Summer


    for beginners



    17-07 until 28-08


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    Cliffordstraat 38



    salsa amsterdam summer course rueda de casino son








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    Houtmankade 336



  • Pictures & Video's

    An impression of the parties and lessons

  • DJ AngelDCuba



    “Oreja no pasa cabeza”

    A DJ with concept and character

    In the music world Ángel was the founder of the traditional Cuban group CONTRATEMPO. He worked as artistic producer of the national agency of artistic tours Agencia Nacional de Giras Artisticas (ANGA). He was music producer of: Empresa de Grabaciones y Ediciones Musicales de Cuba (EGREM), LUSÁFRIKA (CapeVerdie), ChoiseMusic (Germany-Netherlands), ABDALA (Cuba), Cuban Roots (Netherlands).


    Ángel was one of the creators and musical-artistic director of the project of one of the most famous discotheques with live music in Cuba: "Havana Café" by Hotel Meliá Cohiba. In addition, he has performed productions around the world with the most famous Cuban orchestras: Buena Vista Social Club, Orquesta Aragon, Manolito Simonet and Trabuco, Polo Montanez, Vieja Trova Santiaguera, Proyección Sonera and Clave y Guaguancó.


    In more recent years Ángel developed into a professional DJ. His diverse background, extensive experience (musicologist, music producer and cultural ethnologist) and specific knowledge give him as a DJ a unique character with concept.


    DJ AngelD'Cuba organizes and runs regularly at his own parties in Amsterdam. In addition, he works as a professional DJ at international festivals that are organized in the Netherlands and in other countries (for example Belgium, Germany, Spain and Italy). He is known in the salsa world to combine his profession as a teacher, DJ and organizer of parties. He also plays other styles of music and knows what the dancer needs.

  • History El Punto Cubano

    Cuban dance and music school


    Ángel Luis Ford Mesa is from Cuba. For nine years, Ángel Luis Ford Mesa has been general director and producer of Companía Danza JAGUEY. This is one of the most acclaimed Cuban dance groups in Cuba and abroad. He also worked for 11 years as a university teacher in different Cuban universities, where he taught general art history, art and musicology. He has also been director of the Cultural Department of the University of Guantánamo. In this period Ángel did scientific research about and published about the origin of the Cuban culture, the folklore, ethnography, traditions and influences of the migrations in the wealth of Cuban music and dance. Between 1995 and 1999 he has been Senior Specialist Foreign Affairs of the Cuban Institute for Music and Tour Manager of Cuban Orchestras around the world.


    In 2000 the Cuban dance teacher Ángel Luis founded his own dance and music school in Amsterdam: Punto Cubano. He has been guest lecturer at CODARTS (www.codarts.nl) in Rotterdam, an International Conservatory, that offers high-quality art education in the field of music, dance and circus. Here he taught a cycle of theoretical and practical conferences on the history of Cuban music and dance.

    Currently he teaches Cuban dance and music styles, from changui (dance originally from Guantánamo, the birthplace of Ángel) to son, rumba and modern dance styles. Ángel is an experienced teacher, dancer and choreographer. His lessons and choreographies are based on the Cuban way of dancing: a physical expression of the vivid Cuban music. It is a harmonious and coherent blend of Cuban tradition, improvisation and creativity.

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    Volta Amsterdam, HOUTMANKADE 336 is easily accessible:


    By bike/on foot
    you only have to go to the Westerpark and Volta is located opposite the main entrance of the Westerpark (before the train viaduct at the Spaarndammerstraat).


    By public transport
    from Amsterdam Central take bus 22 (direction Houthavens) or 18 (direction Slotervaart) or tram line 3 (direction Zoutkeetsgracht). Get off at the Haarlemmerplein and cross the water behind the large Roman gate. On the right you immediately see Volta.


    By car
    it is best to take the ring at Sloterdijk (exit S 103) and then continue until the junction Nassaukade / Haarlemmerweg where the statue of Domela Nieuwenhuis is located. Go left here and in the bend Volta lies. FREE PARKING on Sunday.



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